ESGCT 2018



This year's conference ESGCT was held in the beautiful city of Lausanne, Switzerland at the SwissTech Convention Center on 16th-19th October. Many thanks to all the organizers who made our stay easy and made us felt welcomed!

Many of our scientists and directors participated in several interesting talks and workshops and of course were there to find out about new companies and to network.

Our Scientists Heidi, Lionel and Olga had all their own poster session.

Heidi's poster was about the Development of AAV full/empty capsid ratio analysis using semi-automated transmission electron microscopy. (H. Hynynen, V. Turkki, L. Galibert, S. Peltola, R. Kärnä, S. Ylä-Herttuala, H. P. Lesch)

Lionel's poster covered Large-scale optimisation and production of rAAV2 vector encoding VEGF-B in iCELLis Bioreactors. (L- Galibert, H. Leinonen, I. Oruetxebarria, P. Toivanen, V. Turkki, A. Valkama, H. Hynynen, I. Laaksonen, R. Kärnä, S. Peltola, S. Kotonova, S. Väistö, C. Vandamme, A. Kailaanmäki, S. Ylä-Herttuala, H. P. Lesch, E. Lipponen)

Olga had a poster about Analyzing effect of process changes on gene expression in regulatory macrophages using RNAseq profiling. ( O. L. Gurvich, K. A. Puttonen, A. Kailaanmäki, M. Sivonen, S. Pietikäinen, T. Kekarainen)


Cell Therapy Unit Director Tuija got interviewed by ESGCT on the last day of the conference.