Introducing KCT's new Managing Director


We are happy to introduce our new Managing Director, Heikki Vuorikoski.

"MSc Heikki Vuorikoski has a background in genetics and bioinformatics, and is passionate in taking new ideas towards markets and full utilisation. Vuorikoski is a serial entrepreneur in bio business, and has founded or co-founded six Finnish CROs during the last 13 years within the areas of health care, drug discovery, drug development, bioinformatics, marketing, food ingredient manufacturing, chemical safety, circular bioeconomy, urology, prostatic diseases, CNS, and nutraceuticals.

He has wide experience in running the business at top level (CEO, president of the board, board member, VP business development, research director). His specialties are bioinformatics, systems biology, DNA microarrays (analysis, interpreting the results), bio entrepreneurship, and business plan creation.

Heikki’s freetime activities include playing various musical instruments, mountain biking, photography, motorcycling, and genealogy. And three kids."

Welcome to KCT Heikki!