Forcing new Frontiers in Molecular Medicine


KCT is a newly formed research centre based in Kuopio, Finland. We undertake pioneering high-quality basic and translational research in the new and exciting area of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs). Our scientific teams combine scientific know-how gained from years of experience in the sector and the latest technologies to research and develop gene and cell therapy products into Phase I human studies.

We undertake science in collaboration with academic groups all over the world and also have access to FinVector's GMP manufacturing facility in Finland as well as their quality and regulatory teams to ensure a product path from research to patients. KCT’s main therapeutic focuses are cancer and cardiovascular disease, but our scope of interest is not fixed and we also evaluate wider areas, such as neurological dysfunction, for other important therapy approaches.


Dr. Nigel Parker - Translational and Development Leader


Timo Ristola


Hanna Lesch

Gene Therapy Unit Director

Tuija Kekarainen

Cell Therapy Unit Director

Kari Airenne

Head of Vector Development

Vesa Turkki

Head of Analytical Core 

Joonas Malinen

Laboratory Manager

Eevi Lipponen

Head of Process Development

(Gene Therapy)

Katja Puttonen

Head of Process Development

(Cell Therapy)

Anssi Kailaanmäki

Head of Immunotherapy

Cell Therapy Unit

Katja Puttonen, Head of Process Development

Anssi Kailaanmäki, Head of Immunotherapy

Olga Gurvich, Senior Scientist

Taina Koponen, Senior Scientist

Marjut Köylijärvi, Scientist

Vita Skirdenko, Scientist

Sanna Pietikäinen, Technician

Aubrey Bailey, Senior Bioinformaticist

Ritva Tumelius, Senior Scientist

Minna Sivonen, Junior Scientist

Analytics Core Unit

Vesa Turkki, Head of Analytical Core

Heidi Hynynen, Scientist

Riikka Kärnä, Senior Technician

Sonja Kotoneva, Technician

Gene Therapy Unit

Kari Airenne, Head of Vector Development

Eevi Lipponen, Head of Process Development

Joonas Malinen, Laboratory Manager

Lionel Galibert, Senior Scientist

Sanna Peltola, Technician

Hanna Leinonen, Senior Scientist

Igor Oruetxebarria, Senior Scientist

Anniina Valkama, Scientist

Iina Laaksonen, Technician

Siiri Väistö, Technician

Tiina Nieminen, Senior Scientist

Amira Chafqane, Junior Scientist

Saana Lepola, Junior Scientist

Pekka Puolasmaa, Junior Scientist


Marjo-Riitta Salminkoski