We are looking for a Senior Scientist in Solid Tumor Modelling Programme!


We are seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated and skilled candidate preferably with a background in tumor biology or immunology for a Senior Scientist (post-doctoral) role in Solid Tumor Modelling Programme. The candidate will contribute to the projects experimentally and scientifically, provide his/her expertise, participate in internal reporting while maintaining a laboratory-focused role. He/she will have a proven track record of scientific productivity and the ability to participate in multidisciplinary and innovative research. The individual will participate in strategic discussions, national and international collaborations and coordinate project activities.

The position is 3-year fixed term with an option of continuation.

This is a unique opportunity to work in an inspiring multicultural environment, constructed of our enthusiastic, highly skilled and experienced personnel in gene and cell therapy. KCT has established working links with the gene and cell therapy manufacturer FinVector, the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland, the National Laboratory Animal Center, and Kuopio University Hospital; all situated at the same Kuopio health science focused campus.

Read the whole description of the vacancy and apply here before the 20th September!