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We are located in Kuopio, North Savo, Finland.

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Ferring Ventures Oy
Street address: Microkatu 1, Bioteknia 2
Postal code and city: 70210 Kuopio, FINLAND

Phone: +358 44 7840 560

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Invoicing instructions
Please note that we use a 30-day net payment term as a default.

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Our main entrance of is located at Bioteknia, at Novapolis side. When arriving to A-lobby of Novapolis, you can find the entrance behind the S-building. Please notice that the main entrance to our office is different than the actual main entrance of Bioteknia.

Our facilities are located on the third floor of Bioteknia. The lift is situated behind glass doors, 10 meters from the entrance.


There is a charged parking place at the front of building A of Novapolis. In case all visitor parking lots are taken, ask for parking permission from the reception of Novapolis (Building A, 1st floor).